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A great family in Napa is seeking a Part-time Nanny/Organizer for their polite, inquisitive, playful boy that is 18 months old.


START DATE: April 16, 2021


DAY: Friday’s

TIME: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


COMPENSATION:  $23-25 per hour, plus.  Depending on experience and qualifications.



Primary responsibility would be caring for their son.  Secondary would be organizing and tiding up the house, doing laundry, putting away clothes, toys, etc.  Cooking dinner a plus.  When completing other tasks, there should be a grandparent there to take over childcare so you can focus on other tasks.  Nanny must be dependable, a good communicator, very good with children, patient, responsible, trustworthy, sweet, and kindhearted.

Posted April 6, 2021





A nice family in St. Helena is seeking a Part-time Housekeeper for an elderly gentleman.





Days: 3 days a week.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday (preferred, but flexible).

Time: 6-8 hours a day (flexible).



$25 – $30 per hour.

Hours will be guaranteed.

Vacation time off and paid.

Vehicle provided for work use only.


DUTIES:  Deep cleaning of a 10,000 square foot home that is formal, but casual.  The gentleman is the only one that lives on the property aside from his caregivers who clean their own quarters.  The caregivers do most of his laundry and helping maintain his daily pick up of the home.  Maintain his laundry and linens including ironing.  Wardrobe maintenance including dry cleaning, shoe maintenance, alterations, etc. (minimal).  Some cooking and grocery shopping.  Running errands including auto care appointments.


REQUIREMENTS:  Must be a team player and be friendly, speak English, helpful and uses time wisely, good cleaner and ironer.  Must be ok with indoor cat in the home and taking it to vet appointments (once a year or so).  Minimum 1 year commitment, or longer (The last housekeeper was there 13 years).  Non-smoker.  Covid Vaccine Mandatory.  Must submit to a background check, and Excellent references.

Posted March 31, 2021


Part-time Job Opening in San Rafael

A very nice family in San Rafael is seeking a Part-time Nanny for their little girl that is 5 years old.


START DATE: Week of April 5, 2021


Days: 3 days a week – M/W/F or M/Th/F (flexible but needs to be 3 days a week M-F)

Times: Start time can be anywhere from 8:30-10 AM (Earlier preferred) for 6-7 hours per day.


COMPENSATION:  $25 per hour.



Hang out with the little girl during the day and continue doing activities that the mother has started with her.  They do reading, art, math, STEM activities, workbooks, puzzles, toys, park etc.  Preparing snacks and lunch (food prep together with the child).  We have previous worked with this family when they lived in the Napa Valley and they are great and easy to work with. 

Posted March 26, 2021


Short-term Job Opening in Sebastopol (3 months)

A friendly, welcoming and fun family from Ireland in Sebastopol is seeking a Temporary Part-time Nanny for their easy going, happy, interactive and fun baby boy that is almost 11 months old.


START DATE: ASAP (For 3 months).



Days: Monday through Friday

Time: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Flexible with the hours.


COMPENSATION:  $20-$25 per hour.



Taking care of the baby which includes feeding, nap supervision, changing the baby, and playing with the baby.  Nanny will load and unload the dishwasher and cook the baby an organic diet for lunch and snacks.  The family has one miniature Australian Shepherd puppy that is in doggy daycare and therefore, the nanny will not be responsible for it.  The nanny must be friendly, fun and easy going.

Posted March 26, 2021




A very nice family in Sonoma is seeking a Full-time nanny for their good-natured baby boy that will be 8 months old.


START DATE: May 3, 2021



Days: Monday through Friday

Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (Somewhat flexible but needs a full workday).



$20 – $25 per hour.  Flexible based on schedule and depending on qualifications and experience.

Hours will be guaranteed.

Vacation time paid.

Vehicle provided for work use only.


DUTIES:  Primary responsibility is taking care of the baby throughout the day while parents are working.  Preparing the meals for the baby that includes lunch, dinner, and snacks.  The family does have a weekly housekeeper but would like the nanny to do some extra tidying while baby is napping and if time permits.  Light housekeeping includes vacuuming, cleaning up after mealtime in the kitchen and loading & unloading the dishwasher.  Once child is in school, nanny to drive the child to and from school.


REQUIREMENTS:  Must have experience working with babies and is familiar with their needs.  Must make the safety of the baby their priority, make an effort to bond with the baby and become trusted within the family.  Must like dogs since the family has one indoor dog (Vizsla) that is 3 years old.  Both parents work from home (on property), but away from areas that the baby is in which will not disrupt the day of the nanny and baby.  Minimum 1 year commitment, or longer.  Must submit to a background check, CPR/First Aid Certified and Excellent references.


Posted March 10, 2021


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